1 thought on “美聯邦調查局關於舉報中共黨員和仇美人士

  1. Liu Yanji is a Chinese citizen. A family of five lives at 3520 San Simeon Avenue, Oxnard, California, 93033, California. They hired a very capable lawyer and said that her eldest daughter was bullied in mainland China, so her daughter successfully obtained a long-term green card. Then, her daughter’s parents became guardians and lived in the United States, waiting for a green card. In order to live for a long time, she gave birth to another daughter and obtained a US passport! They don’t cherish all of this. They have been in the United States to listen to Chinese TV shows, music, and news at home every day. They still can’t even speak a word of English! They don’t like American values ​​and culture. This is a true story. To protect the interests of the United States, let me tell you! Thank you!


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